Meet our World Renowned American Bulldogs

Please make your way through our website and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the World’s most impressive American Bulldogs (Studs and Females) and  American Bulldog Puppies!


Albino American Bulldog

When people set eyes on a World Renowned American Bulldog for their very first time, several thoughts usually strike them. Holy shit, is usually the first thought. This is because what they see in front of them is a dangerously powerful looking dog. We specifically breed our American Bulldogs to have massive muscle, bone, heads and rear ends.


American Bulldog Size

Our goal in breeding World Renowned American Bulldogs is to produce puppies that will consistently grow to be heavier than 100 lbs by the age of 2 years old. Our bulldogs are not to look fat, but they definitely are not to look lean either. (Our bulldogs are bread to be visually impressive, massive with muscle, but lean enough to show). At full maturity our dogs should resemble a real life version of Spike a.k.a. Killer from the Tom & Jerry cartoons.


American Bulldog Agility

Our program, designed to produce extremely powerful, huge American Bulldogs also focuses on our dog’s agility. For such a large dominating version of the breed our dogs display great movement. Our big World Renowned Type American Bulldogs are known to close ground quickly, cut on a dime and pounce like a puma.

Johnson American Bulldogs