We are a quality driven American Bulldog breeding program located in the beautiful wine country of Temecula in Southern California.  We refuse to call ourselves a kennel being that none of our dogs live in kennels.  Our program is centered on a 5 acre property which gives all of our dogs plenty of room to run and stretch their paws.

Our goals are simple:

We expect to breed large, thick-boned, broad chested, sloppy faced American Bulldogs with huge heads!  Our dogs should resemble Spike from the original Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Slightly on the heavy side, powerful with large jaws.  To accomplish this feat we have imported the best dogs form different parts of the world and brought them home to Temecula.  It is pretty sad, but yes, we had to go outside of America to find our foundation dogs that most resembled what an American Bulldog should look like.  Although, Tino Ortega of Ortega American Bulldogs located in Rialto, California has some monsters on his yard, in which we of course have bred with.


Our motivation behind our breeding program has been that we are a huge lover of the breed and how many folks we have met through the years with American Bulldog puppies with high hope of having a huge dog, but only to be disappointed with a small headed skinny boned dog.  So many breeders breed junk and are too focused on their kennels producing a form of income.  Our breeding program’s decisions will never be influenced by the possibilities of making money.  We make plenty of money through our family owned construction business.  We do not need money from our dogs to pay our bills or put food on the table.  We are solely focused on producing the best dogs the breed has to offer.


In closing, we thank you for viewing our website and we hope you enjoy seeing what a

World Renowned American Bulldog looks like! 

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