Biggie – American Bulldog Stud

23.5“ tall 108 lbs.

Biggie is a HUGE Johnson  American Bulldog stud which we purchased from Bullforce in the Netherlands. There he was known as “Bigfoot”. Biggie was acquired by us for 3 simple reasons. Bone, Bone, and more Bone! His broad chest is unequaled and has massive shoulders that few American Bulldogs could match.

We absolutely love his big fat head, exaggerated bulldog face, huge chest and of course some of the thickest bone in the World. Biggie has already become a proven producer on the yard in which many of his pups will in fact surpass him in size.

Biggie has sired one litter with Bubbles and Piggy on our yard. Biggie currently has another litter on its way with Drita.

Biggie has an exaggerated Bulldog face that attracts huge attention everywhere he goes (we always joke that he needs a cigar hanging out of his mouth!) Biggie is the picture perfect Fatheaded American Bulldog that every breeder would love to have on their yard!

Johnson American Bulldog

  1. Armando Garcia

    WOW, impressive!! Looking for a stud for my female, I just found him
    .Would you be willing to stud him out? Just tell me how much

  2. Armando Garcia

    I need a stud for my female.Biggie would be great! How much?

  3. Dennis DaViera

    Wow that is what a Johnson type should look like. I have a soon to be 12 year old female American Bull Dog Johnson type and at her biggest was 100 lbs. Vet said she needed to loose weight because of her age so now she’s about 70 lbs. Best dog I ever had.

  4. Courtney

    Absolutely love him. Beautiful boy. We owned American for years. Now we own English. Lol. I’d love to get an American again in the future.

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